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For most of my military career, which lasted almost 30 years, I had the privilege of working in the defense procurement field, 9 years of which were spent working from Washington, D.C. Meeting the requirements of the Defense Department meant that I faced the daily challenge of identifying opportunities via the thorough collection, analysis, and evaluation of information, and of reaching the best terms, condition, and price via coordination and negotiation. Familiarity with applicable laws and regulations, sensitivity to and possession of market information, mastery of coordination and negotiation, and of course, being of high moral character are all essential of doing this complex job successfully.

I later worked in industries, which allowed me to look at government operations from a different angle. I realized that frequent government reorganization and reshuffling was the root cause of various business difficulties. Transition gap, misunderstandings between government agencies, authorization confusion between agencies, procedure duplication, conflicting before and after, and operation delay without accountability are just some of the issues that exist not only in Taiwan, the Republic of China, but also in American and European governments as well. In 2010, after much discussion and evaluation with trusted cohorts with similar know-how, we decided to pool our experiences in order to contribute to industries by searching business opportunities and by helping government agencies bridging its gap with industries.

All of the members of this company are not only experienced in procurement field, but also in overseas industries for many years. Each individual is highly knowledgeable in his field of business expertise; their dedication and character are also unquestioned.

For example : Col (ret.) Tony S.J. Liu is the President of this company. Tony was the Director of ROC(Army) procurement office; held the title of Division Directors in the Procurement Bureau & Armament Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense (MND); worked in Defense Procurement Division in Washington DC for years; was designated by MND to establish the Defense Procurement division in Europe and become the first Director of that office.

LTC (ret.) Fred Yeo is the Senior VP of this company. Not only has he worked in the Defense Procurement Division for years, he was also a founding member of EVA Air. As Chief Architect, Fred was instrumental in the building of one of the best airlines in the world. Fred was then recruited by Raytheon (USA) as the Country Manager in Taiwan and was put in charge of the defense business near for 20 years.

Other members in the company are all outstanding individuals with valuable insights into industry. I am confident that we can help your business grow and am looking forward to working together.

Charlee Chu, MG (ret.)   

Executive Board Director   

2012/03/23 RSI represents OSMOS Group, France,  in Taiwan, conducting Structure Heath Monitor business.
2011/03/31 RSI WebSite on line.
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